Mark Alison and the photography team conduct a wide range of training through —  Focus Photography Workshops is an educational organization created by photography professionals and enthusiast for people with a passion for photography and a strong desire to learn. Workshops, field trips, and photo shoots are held on a regular basis.


We offer a neutral environment for photographers and talent to interact in a safe, professional atmosphere. Whether you are already a pro, have been inspired to pursue a future in photography, or just want to have fun, our workshops are designed to bring everyone a high level of education combined with a unique talent pool. The Focus Team feels very passionately about helping local photographers pursue their dreams and aspirations in the creative realm. We want you to know full manual so well it feels like you’re shooting on auto. We want you to feel like shooting with subjects is second nature. Above all, we want photographers to have a strong skill set and be able to tackle any challenge they may encounter. That is why we ask you…”What do you want to learn?”  Some of our most popular workshops to choose from…


  • [Off] Auto [ON] Manual – How does the camera work? How do you shoot all manual?
  • What To Do Before You Shoot – The legal knowledge needed before you even take a photo
  • Fundamentals of Photography Composition – The technical aspects behind building a strong photo composition
  • White Balance/Exposure – How to do it right the first time
  • Workflow – How to quickly and effectively protect, process, and produce a product in the office
  • Lightroom Basics – How to use and navigate Lightroom 5 to ease your post processing
  • Photoshop Basics
  • Lightroom Advanced – Advanced techniques with Lightroom 5
  • Color Space – sRGB, ProPhotoRGB, CYMK, Adobe RGB, Color Profiles, color calibration
  • Large Print Essentials – In-depth training on getting the pixels to go large
  • How To Shoot Product Photography
  • Studio Lighting Techniques
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Techniques
  • Posing Female Models
  • Posing Male Models
  • Boudoir Workshop
  • Headshots Workshop
  • Posing Groups
  • Posing Seniors
  • Pinup


Go ahead and visit MYFPW.COM for more info and to sign up for a future workshop!

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