The process of getting everything ready for a wedding can very time consuming and rather disorienting for many.  We’ve done our very best to streamline the photography process as best as possible.   Take a look at how this works below.


Wedding Consult Meeting

This is when we get together and find out what you are looking for on your big day and what photography package best fits those needs.  We want to get to know you and I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about!

Contract for Review

We get the contract together, outlining the terms of service and payment agreements, and submit to you a review to look over.

Contract Signing

At this point there is a retainer due for 1/3 of the Fee For All Services.

Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos Uploaded (1-3 weeks)

Your Engagement photos are showcased on Facebook to share with all your friends.  Also, you get your very own online gallery of all the edited photos to download and order prints.  Shortly afterward you’ll pick your favorites.

Pre-Wedding Preparations

At least a month before the big day we’ll be planning out your formal photos and the time line for everything so that you know where we are and when we’ll be there.  Any special photos you MUST have will also be discussed and planned out at this time.

The Week Before

It’s very important that we touch base a week before the wedding.  This gives us the chance to make sure everything is set and answer any last-minute questions.  We may even show up for the rehearsal.  We’re “almost” as excited as you are for your event, so we don’t want to miss anything!

The Big Day!!!

Here it is!  Everyone has been waiting to see this day and now it’s here.  Wow!  It’s time for beautiful photos 🙂

Photo Sneak Peeks

If you’re on Facebook, your photos are too!  Our goal is always to showcase a set of the best photos from the wedding the week after.  Like I said, we’re excited too!

Your Photos Are Done! (4 to 6 weeks)

We’ll send you a link to see your edited wedding photos in a personal online gallery.  This is when the final payment is due within a 30-day billing cycle.  We want you to trust us completely that we’ve done our work before you pay up.  It’s our promise of service and peace of mind to you.  After final payment you get the DVD of all the images to print anywhere you like.

Pick Your Favorites (15 days after photos are posted)

If prints, albums or books are included in your package, this is when you’ll pick your favorites for them.  We’ll go through them with fine-tooth magic photo tools and make sure they are perfect and beautiful as ever, covering exit signs, removing out-of-place objects or performing other special requests you may have.

Final Print Delivery (4 months after wedding)

Your prints, albums or books are carefully proofed and delivered either to your door or in person.

Don’t Be A Stranger

We love our clients and with that we love to hear how we did.  Please don’t forget to leave a happy note for us 🙂  Oh, and keep in touch!

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