What Makes Us Different?

We want to provide a service that our wedding clients desire to experience. That means being different. We’re not for everyone, but for those who come to us, they are everything to us.

  • 2 Photographers… always – Your wedding is worth more than us saving on help, which is why we NEVER shoot alone. There are too many important parts of your big day to risk only having one camera out.
  • We stay longer! – That’s right. All our collections include 12 hours of coverage. We believe that your day is not a job, so we treat it as your life event and stay with you to capture all the moments we can.
  • We want to get to know you – The camera wants to meet you too! That’s why we do a FREE engagement session for every wedding client, location permitting. Practice makes perfect and when it comes to your wedding photos, we want to be ready to get amazing results! If you have a destination wedding, we arive enough days in advance to not only scope out the venue, but get in a little pre-wedding practice for you in front of the camera.
  • No wedding day payment – We refuse to request the final payment until your photos are edited and ready for you to see. Our belief is that we shouldn’t get paid in full until our job is complete. It’s one way of giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Your photos are online for as long as we are in business –  Yup, no 90-day “PROOF” here. If you scratch your DVD and need a print right away, you know where you can always go. If you want to purchase a photo gift in 5 years, go right ahead!





Let’s face it.  I absolutely LOVE weddings!  It could be the music, the free food, or the cake.  I can’t dance, so that isn’t it.  Perhaps it’s the fact I get to stay out all night with my really cool photographers.  I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while, and even though all that is awesome, the one thing that really stands out to me is the beauty of love.  You could say I’m in love with love.

For a guy who did most of my own wedding planning nearly 8 years ago, I can really connect with the whole event and all the emotions involved.  When it comes to wedding photos it is quite the intimate understanding for me.  We were blessed to have a good friend help us out with our needs.  He gave us a great deal and made sure he and his assistant captured everything.  My lifetime goal is to pass that service onto everyone who has the need for lasting memories on their most special day.

When I talk about quality, I mostly refer to the end product.  What would it be if a bride only had a dozen amazing photos out of 1000 from her wedding day?  Instead of just paying attention to the details in the posed photos, as a team we all focus on every shot we take.  Sure, not every photo is going to have the perfect artistic feel that makes the viewer want to burst into tears, but we set the bar quite high to get a large percentage of photos the client will want to treasure for generations to come.

Drawing from my professional start in the photography industry 5 years ago, I bring a lot of unique skills to each event.  From training other photographers to developing techniques and practices to save time and nerves, I am very excited to offer a new level of service to wedding clients beyond anything they can find elsewhere.







Our wedding collections with Mark Alison start at $5,280 and can go up to $8,600.  We have found that each client is unique in the aspect of wants, needs, and abilities, so please contact us any time to get a custom quote and see what we can work out.  Much like how a dress or suit fits everyone differently, we prefer to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. In every commission we strive to give our all and don’t put typical constraints on hours of service for weddings. This is our promise of ultimate service and the return on investment for every client.


The following is included for the $5280 wedding collection:

  • – Free Engagement Session
  • – Full Day Coverage (12 hours total)
  • – Second Photographer for 12 hours
  • – Stunning leather bound album with 20 elegant spreads
  • – Online Proof Album (Pick favorites and even get prints!)
  • – Final Images delivered digitally
  • – Photos backed up in 3 locations ([1]Our Office / [2]Online Gallery / [3]Cloud)


Most of my clients enjoy these great addition options:

  • – Album Spread upgrades
  • – Online Photo Montage to share on social networks like Facebook
  • – DVD Feature with Images and Photo Montage with Music


Optional Features and Services:

  • – Extended Coverage for Rehearsal and beyond
  • – PortaStudio for fun photo-op times at your reception
  • – “Our Story” 10-page Hardbound Book
  • – Prints, Canvas Wraps, and many other quality items



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