The Planning –

When a couple is planning for the big day, there are many details to cover and numerous questions to ask. From an organizing standpoint, it’s no different from setting up a decent sized benefit banquet with a keynote speaker, great food and live entertainment. Most people would be intimidated planning one of those and now the bride and groom to-be are faced with that very task. I like to be VERY prepared for any event I am involved in, so I have listed what I hope will be some invaluable tools for the wedding day provision. – Expert Tips and Advice – – Selecting a PhotographerGreat Planning Tools From Your Very Own Wedding Website

The Checklist –

If you are planning a wedding there are so many things to think about. From who will make the cake to what song you’ll first dance to, it can be a never-ending list. If there is anything so helpful, it’s making a list of photos you would like your photographer to get. Whether I take your photos or you are working with a different photographer, I feel it is essential to get the shots and poses that you never want to miss. Your wedding happens once. The moment is but once. You and your photographer should be on the same page regarding what you want to capture. This will ensure your happiness the month after when you receive a beautiful set of memories. At some point in your communication with your photographer, take time to plan out your ultimate photo-op. Thinking of some moments you would like to capture, plus going over the list, will be one of the best things to set your mind at ease.

The Most Important Things –

With so many entry level cameras being sold all over for a mere couple hundred bucks, there is a big boom in “Wedding Photographers”. Sure, Uncle Dave just got that camera and maybe he can take some cool photos, but can he capture every moment you never want to forget with the expertise of a professional trained in the task? Even if someone has a nice looking website, how do you know that your photos will see their Happily Ever After? Ask questions! Is your photographer reliable, reputable, or referable? Does your photographer have a back-up if they can’t make it on your day? How many pictures will they take? Can you laugh with them? A bride to-be owes it to herself to ask these questions and more. With pictures like these, an ounce of prevention is well worth a ton of cure. Check out the following link to get a good idea of what you should be asking. It may save your wedding day! – “The Ten Things(Professional Photographers of America) –

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