2014/10/13 - Baby Bumps!


2014/09/15 - The Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are staple items found in nearly every wedding event. They are the very symbol of commitment and devotion. They are the outward sign of the promise between two people who love each other unconditionally. They are also one of the most important items for us to photograph, and we LOVE coming up … Read more


2014/09/13 - Couples from 2010 to 2014

Post by Mark Alison Photography.


2014/07/08 - Edna and Daniel – Engagement Music Video


2014/01/21 - The First Look

Some of you may have heard of what is called “The First Look” shots.  This is a photographed moment that takes place between the soon-to-be married couple before the ceremony.  Mostly, it is a private event where the groom is surprised by the appearance of his bride in her gown.  The expressions and excitement are captured to keep forever as a … Read more


2013/04/06 - Lauren and Chris – The Journey

Chris met Lauren at Texas Roadhouse – she was a hostess in training and he was a manager. While they didn’t have love at first sight, what grew over the years has stood the tests of time through ups, downs, and everything amazing between. Together forever, so much in love, Lauren and Chris are the … Read more


2012/11/19 - Comic Relief Wedding

Stephanie and Michael’s wedding was so much fun not just because they are super cool people, but also because they wanted an all-American superhero to help them celebrate the occasion.  While the girls were adorning themselves with powder and hair products, the boys and I had a little comic book story playing out.  In the … Read more


2012/11/12 - On Second Photographers

An artist is a very distinctive kind of person.  Countless movies have been filmed and books written about the lives of artists throughout history and the many tales of solidarity and struggle they faced.  Most of the embellished movies involve a romance with some twisted conundrum leading them to a major revelation about themselves.  Others … Read more


2012/11/08 - Victorian Romance – Carolyn and Patrick

    Nothing could prepare us for the moments of pure love and ultimate affection that we experienced at the wedding of Carolyn and Patrick.  As the beautiful bride donned a stunning Victorian dress her groom was waiting to read a letter she had anxiously written to him.  Patrick had also put his deepest thoughts … Read more


2012/10/16 - This One Is Not Like The Other

   A photo session or event is like a blank canvas for me.  The brushes and knives I have to work with are combined with the pallet of colors I’m given.  All of these come together at one time so that I can (with my camera) paint a picture of the people in my photos, … Read more


2012/06/14 - A 50’s Kinda Love

When Gabie and Denny became my clients I had no idea how much fun they would be! These two are totally in love and have style to boot. Gabie shared her love for Cosmetology, her dreams of having a vintage wedding look, and how she just loves the 50’s. Danny and I enjoyed talking about … Read more


2012/01/23 - The Wedding of Alex and Kayla



2012/01/23 - The Engagement of Ellen and Demetrius

[fpphotos id=365074656842655]


2011/11/25 - The Wedding of Bryan and Ashley

[fpphotos id=324382327578555]


2011/11/20 - The Wedding of Jodi and Danny

Well, it looks like I done gone hog wild on these here pictures! The theme, the folks, the dancing…everything was just awesome! Thanks Jodi and Danny! 🙂 [fpphotos id=313174005366054]


2011/11/19 - Protected: Paying the Price

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


2011/11/15 - The Wedding of Amanda and Chris

What a beautiful wedding! I couldn’t get over all the wonderful decorations and lighting that made it all so amazing. Amanda enchanted the room as she walked in and Chris was the happiest man alive. It touched me deeply to see how they just glowed with joy the entire evening. Thank you two for another … Read more


2011/11/10 - Love and Fighting

What would love be without a little fight? — Snowball fight that is 🙂 When Antoinette and Chase wanted engagement photos, the fall colors were strong and it was still warm here in Colorado.  For a number of reasons we weren’t able to set anything up until it had just snowed.  So they set out … Read more


2011/09/09 - Trash The Dress – BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO

This is how we do it!


2011/09/07 - Trash The Dress

Girls just wanna have fun, right?  I recently chatted with a bride-to-be about “trashing” her dress.  Her first impression was not the most approving of the act.  While showing her some of our latest photos related to the subject she began to get excited.  Seeing the mud, water and gleeful expressions from the carefree bride … Read more


2011/08/01 - Why I Love What “I Do” – Part 1 Vblog Post


2011/07/25 - Estes Park Engagement Sessions

Engagement Sessions at Estes Park We love scenery, and there is nothing more reachable and amazing than Estes Park, Colorado!  Why not celebrate your engagement at one of the most beautiful places in the nation?  Our exclusive engagement photography coverage can now be combined with a future wedding package with $380 off the BIG DAY!  … Read more


2011/03/08 - Now On Tumblr!

Yes, it has happened and now life will never be the same.  Tumblr does more, is cooler, sleeker, and performs better than others.  In fact, I think Twitter may ask permission from Tumblr before posting a twit…uh, tweet 😛 Follow me on Tumblr!


2011/03/05 - The Bridal Bouquet

Bouquets are a very important part of a wedding. I hear many times, “Where is my bouquet? Who has my bouquet? I can’t have a photo without my bouquet!” It seems as though this little bundle of flowers holds parallel importance to the veil, shoes, and sometimes even the groom. Wherever the significance lies it … Read more


2011/01/22 - The Engagement of Gidget and Adrian

[fpphotos id=195387303811392]


2010/12/30 - What About The Groom?

“The Bride is the center of the show”, we all have heard.  In the modeling world, more often than not, when a guy is with a gal in a photo, he is the prop.  This isn’t being rude or unfair.  We all know that everything looks OK until you put a girl with it.  That’s … Read more


2010/12/26 - Bella Sera Winter Themes

Elisabeth at The Bella Sera Event Center in Brighton, CO, really knows how to put on a great show! Some of our favorite deigns and decorations happen during her winter-themed events. The Mark Alison Photography team has experienced the excitement and challenges of getting the colors right and making them come across as bright and … Read more


2010/12/18 - Winter Weddings!

With blues and whites mixed with reds and golds, the Winter Wedding theme at the Bella Sera is a dream to behold! Read more


2010/12/11 - The Quinceanera of Sandra Chavez

[fpphotos id=184033821613407]


2010/12/10 - The Wedding of Pallavi and Trent – A Hindu Splendor

The Hindu marriage ceremony originates from the Vedas, which are scriptures dating back over five thousand years. Its is a colorful, eventful and meaningful ceremony consisting of hymns, prayers, invocations and vows spoken in the ancient language of Sanskrit. The Ceremony unites two souls into one harmonious whole. The wedding takes place under a sacred altar known … Read more


2010/11/27 - Liset’s Quinceanera

[fpphotos id=179892265360896]


2010/11/26 - The Wedding of Kassie and Scott

[fpphotos id=180205668662889]


2010/11/06 - The Wedding of Sarah and Corey

[fpphotos id=174878459195610]


2010/10/30 - The Wedding of Kyle and Jessica

[fpphotos id=175222909161165]


2010/09/18 - The Wedding of Nathanael and Sasha

[fpphotos id=162453293771460]


2010/07/15 - The Engagement of Mollie and Adam

[fpphotos id=144288808921242]


2010/06/24 - The Engagement of Kassie and Scott

If I haven’t mentioned how much I love Kassie and Scott, then allow me to take the time to now.  They are an AMAZING couple with such a love for eacother that screems “Love”!  Kassie is bubbly, fun, energetic, and kind-hearted.  Scott works with his hands all day and makes his life count for every … Read more


2010/06/21 - The Engagement of Kassie and Scott

[fpphotos id=138141126202677]


2010/04/27 - Musician – Randy Fisher

Portfolio photos taken on location in Colorado for Randy Fisher Music. [fpphotos id=122200337796756]


2010/04/15 - Bridal and Portfolio Session with Meghan McMahon

We did a couple sessions with Meghan McMahon last week in Loveland and Brighton. One was a general model session on location in Loveland, and the other her bridal shoot at the Bella Sera Event Center in Brighton. Working with Meghan was quite enjoyable. She is fun, great to be around, and super awesome in … Read more


2010/03/18 - Sunrise at the Flatirons

[fpphotos id=101074869909303]


2010/03/09 - Portfolio Session – Patricia Gallardo

Shooting with Patricia was awesome! She’s young, happy, and has a ton of potential! Special thanks to Professional Makeup Artist, Jett, for making everything go so smooth beyond the powder and hairspray! She is so awesome at keeping everything in check, putting the models at ease, and just bringing a lovely presence to the shoot. … Read more


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