Hey there! Alright, I guess this is where I say something about myself. Really all you want to know is…

…what my favorite color is (lavender)

…how I like my eggs (over easy)

…what my favorite animals are (do my kids count?)

…and what I drive (a crappy old car)


However, if you REALLY want to know more you can scroll down.


Play a game that came into the US around the time I did ūüėČ


When I was much younger I wanted to be a meteorologist,¬†astronomer,¬†a renowned scientist,¬†and/or¬†bug collector. ¬†I’m not that great at math, so all of those really went downhill fast and bugs aren’t a big commodity. ¬†Before being an electrician I dabbled in photography, graphic and web design, and other various ventures including music and art. ¬†One thing I did well was to envision things beyond what others could see. ¬†A simple mountain range wasn’t just a big hill with trees for me (Pennsylvania doesn’t exactly have what Coloradan’s would call mountains). ¬†Apart from my peers I saw beauty in the little things and it very much set me apart from everyone… sometimes in a very awkward way.


Beyond the lucrative beginnings of a¬†career¬†in industrial¬†electrical¬†automation and robotics¬†engineering, multiple twists and turns of what we refer to as “Life” caused me to look to photography again. ¬†This led me to working in studios across the nation. ¬†Managing staff and serving clients made me very happy. ¬†After moving on and trying to get back into the evasive electrical field I realized my more certain non-hobby future as my photography equipment collection grew and grew. ¬†That lonely wandering feeling went away and it became real to me what I was to be doing for the rest of my life.


In the first months of 2010 I¬†had the opportunity to move to the Denver area and work¬†with others to develop photography services, meeting many different needs¬†of various clients¬†across¬†the front range and beyond. ¬†I must say that it has been an awesome few years and the clients I have met and friendships I’ve developed are far beyond what I would have imagined. ¬†The years ahead will be incredible!


Even though my time is spent capturing beautiful portraits overall, there are few greater¬†images than those that display the loveliness and splendor of a wedding day! ¬†I guess you could say I am in love with “Love”, or something like that :). ¬†Fashion and glamor photography is also something I really enjoy doing. ¬†Even landscapes and animals get in front of the lens now and then. ¬†All in all, I suppose every bit of photography is in my blood and I can’t deny it or escape it…then again, why would I want to? I have a passion for memories, and that is what I capture.



Thanks for reading!
Mark Alison


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