Stephanie and Michael’s wedding was so much fun not just because they are super cool people, but also because they wanted an all-American superhero to help them celebrate the occasion.  While the girls were adorning themselves with powder and hair products, the boys and I had a little comic book story playing out.  In the making of the fight scene a groomsman actually did get whacked with a shield (I foretold the danger but they pressed on undaunted).  He said it was all worth it for the shot!

So, in the spirit of traditional superhero fashion, I decided to put their story into a comic page in the most exaggerated way possible.  Because it certain could break some rules with some big company that owns the rights to certain logos and such, this is JUST for fun.  I’ll also mention that there was no real battle for the bride, while she would be totally worth it. 🙂



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