Nothing could prepare us for the moments of pure love and ultimate affection that we experienced at the wedding of Carolyn and Patrick.  As the beautiful bride donned a stunning Victorian dress her groom was waiting to read a letter she had anxiously written to him.  Patrick had also put his deepest thoughts on paper for his love to admire.



The anticipation of the reading of their letters quickly turned to sweetest memories as they shared a brief moment of tenderness.  They were not to see each other before the ceremony, but the closeness felt in the few minutes they had moved them beyond words.  As she reached around the door to let him know she had read his message, he reached out and joined his hand with hers.  In an instant there was no one around, not a sound was heard, and everything disappeared.  What felt like would last for an eternity came to a sweet close as he kissed her hand and walked away.



For Carolyn and Patrick, there will always be a place in their hearts that never forgets the short time spent on either side of a chapel door before they sealed their lives together as one.  I for one will always remember.


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