When Gabie and Denny became my clients I had no idea how much fun they would be! These two are totally in love and have style to boot. Gabie shared her love for Cosmetology, her dreams of having a vintage wedding look, and how she just loves the 50’s. Danny and I enjoyed talking about his job as a tree care professional and we pointed to various foliage in the park, discussing the scientific details, surely boring poor Gabie. As I worked with them on their e-session I almost felt like we actually went back in time. Romantic, nostalgic, and magical were the undertones of the whole evening as we ventured the Denver streets. Processing the photos in a way that respected the era was top on my list. The photos of the 50’s were bold and colorful thanks to the revolution of Kodak’s Kodachrome Color Reversal film. The rich reds and bold shadows left a huge impression on the world and stylistically immortalized images of the old days. Every shot I took with Gabie and Denny has been carefully processed to replicate the nuances of true Kodachrome Film (specifically the K-11 process) used by so many in the 50’s.

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