Girls just wanna have fun, right?  I recently chatted with a bride-to-be about “trashing” her dress.  Her first impression was not the most approving of the act.  While showing her some of our latest photos related to the subject she began to get excited.  Seeing the mud, water and gleeful expressions from the carefree bride gave her an insight she never had before.  Her words quickly turned from “not sure about that” to “would definitely do it!”

Starting a session like this isn’t something I just “jump into”.  Realize, the very outfit in which she made the most important step of her life is now going to possibly be destroyed.  What would have sat in a closet for years collecting no dust in its pristine bridal house bag is facing more than just a little smudge.  I mean, that seems like a big deal, right?

Unless she plans to wear it again to another wedding, she’ll more than likely pull it out decades later in remorse of how small her waist was.  That is why I start out slow.  A good memory of younger years and happiest times is what is most important to capture.  The quiet moment in the field…the encounter with a summer breeze and the warm rays of sunshine…the anticipation of letting go.  What better way to preserve the wedding dress than through the story of those photos?

When it comes time to get dirty, I’m not using a big zoom lens to stay clean.  NO!  I’m in the water right there with the gal.  Why should I be worried about a little mud in my shoes?!  I want it to be fun and exciting for everyone involved because it’s time to let loose and forget the worries of everyday life. Let’s be kids again before we can’t.

So brides, put on those pink flippy-floppies and jump in the river with us!  Make some memories that will give you a smile into your 90’s.  Girls…just have some fun!!!

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