“The Bride is the center of the show”, we all have heard.  In the modeling world, more often than not, when a guy is with a gal in a photo, he is the prop.  This isn’t being rude or unfair.  We all know that everything looks OK until you put a girl with it.  That’s just a fact of advertising.  Women are beautiful and when they wear, present, or drive something it just looks better.  Watch a commercial or look at a mag and find where the genders are mixed in the frame.  Who gets the most attention?  Yes, most of the time us guys are mere props for a much more appealing counterpart. What about the Groom?  It is my opinion that even though the most beautiful feature of a wedding may be the Bride, the most important and even more significant feature is the union between the two individuals.  This includes the Groom.  Sorry ladies, I assure you I’m not favoring the men because we feel left out in mostly all the wedding industry.  Obviously the Bride feels he is important enough to actually devote her life to.  Is it asking so much that a photographer devote some of the photo attention to him too?  The gal gets the dress, the flowers, the cake, her ladies, most of the gifts, and a ton of attention.  The guy gets the infamous bachelor party and in many cases a decent hangover.  Oh, I forgot, he gets to wear a cool suit.  If I wasn’t paying attention I would have missed that he gets to marry that beautiful woman of his dreams all dolled up with flowers, jewelry, hairspray and layers of fluffy fabric. Some would say the guy is just not all that interested in the wedding after all.  He doesn’t want to make the invitations, isn’t permitted to help pick the dress, and definitely won’t go to the salon.  So what is left?  As a photographer I am very interested in everyone involved in the whole celebration.  There are books upon books of countless poses to make the Bride look her best.  I’ve looked.  Each wedding photography book either has the Bride with the Groom or just the Bride.  Why is this?  Do I need to go into that again? I propose that the Groom IS interested in the wedding more than we think.  We are just better at controlling the emotions.  After all, we’re guys, and us guys have to be strong.  So, I think that may have a lot to do with how everyone thinks the Groom is just there for the show.  My team is very creative and when it comes to weddings we just go to town!  Keeping the guys in mind we have come up with some fun and exciting things to do with them too.  When I am photographing the gal, my assistant is working the “cool photos”. Guy ToysAt one of our latest weddings, Jordan Monson and his groomsmen were more than happy to pose around a 70’s Corvette that Kyle drove in for the big day.  Plus,they really didn’t complain when Mason and Kyle took photos of them doing guy things with their objects of excessive horsepower!

Muscle To Lean OnIn Virginia we rented a Challenger and used it in our last photos.  I can tell you that even though the groom contained himself pretty well, deep inside he was quite excited to lean up against the sleek machine.

Game On!It’s game on for the guys at our recent Cali wedding.  They love baseball, so what better way to celebrate than photos at Padres Stadium (Petco Park)?!

I’m not talking about taking away the spotlight from the pretty girl in white.  It’s about giving the guys at least a little more than what the wedding industry thinks they need.  Don’t worry…it’s still about you, ladies.  I will still pay most of my attention to the beautiful photos you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl and in the end you’ll still have most of the photos.  But just once in the life of a happily newly married man let’s get him some of the things he likes too.  🙂

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