The Hindu marriage ceremony originates from the Vedas, which are scriptures dating back over five thousand years. Its is a colorful, eventful and meaningful ceremony consisting of hymns, prayers, invocations and vows spoken in the ancient language of Sanskrit.
The Ceremony unites two souls into one harmonious whole.
The wedding takes place under a sacred altar known as the Mandap, the ceremonial place, which symbolizes the “home” in which the Bride and the Groom’s new married life will continue to be nurtured. The ceremony embraces the five elements of nature: fire, earth, water, air and sky. The union of the Bride with Groom is sanctified by a sacred Fire: Fire is a symbol of universal energy. The wedding is performed in the presence of the two families, their friends, relatives and well-wishers. Pallavi and Trent pledged their devotion with their family and friends to celebrate the joyous occasion.  The photos we captured just came to life at every moment and I couldn’t have been happier they chose me to be there for them.

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